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Istanbul, which has a unique geographical location, magnificent historical history, rich natural resources, and significant cultural and economic potential, is one of the leading cities of our country and the world.

Istanbul, which is the meeting and reunion point of East and West, has a synthesis of civilizations colored by the cultural accumulation created by different civilizations throughout history. Due to its strategic and geographical location and cultural connections, socio-economic developments in Istanbul have an impact both on an international, regional, and local scale and on natural, economic, social and spatial dimensions.

Having such a privileged geography, historical and cultural accumulation and unique natural beauties, Istanbul’s values have been negatively affected by the development pressure it is subjected to, unplanned developments, large-scale investments produced without the use of participatory methods whose results have not been adequately investigated.

Mayor of Istanbul Mr. Ekrem İMAMOĞLU’s Speech

The Istanbul Canal Project, which was introduced as the “Crazy Project” in 2011, is one of the large-scale investments that will significantly affect Istanbul in all dimensions. It is foreseeable that the implementation of such a project without discussion by scientists and the public could have extremely negative consequences.

In order to discuss the Istanbul Canal Project in all dimensions and to evaluate its possible effects, the economic, security, strategic and spatial planning, transportation, environmental, legal, disaster risk and seismicity and social dimensions of Istanbul Canal will be discussed, and its possible effects will be evaluated publicly at the tables to be created with the participation of scientists relevant institutions and organizations. The final declaration to be formed as a result of the workshop will be forwarded to the relevant persons, institutions and organizations and shared with the public.